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Everything we do for you is done in confidence. We have been where you are. We have lead companies from startups through global businesses. We have sat in almost every seat along the way. We have a history of delivering results.

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We start from your objectives and work back from the answer. We have a solid track record of taking stagnant and declining businesses and delivering double digit profitable and sustainable growth.

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We are capable of working in or on your business. We work together with you to take your skillsets and resources, creatively mesh them with opportunities, and plot a path to sustainable and progressive value creation. We are happy to be part of the execution and the results if it fits your needs.

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ŸWe have developed very successful leaders around the globe. We will diagnose leadership issues and work with you to reach your objectives. Our approach is always tailored to your needs.

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In almost all cases, you will come to us to serve as change catalysts. Whether there are problems to be fixed or opportunities to be captured, we will work as part of the team to plot an executable course and work with the team until results are obtained.

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We are your confidential advisors. We are the set of eyes that look at you and your business from a different perspective. We listen and establish a fruitful dialogue with you.

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Who we are

Tom DiClemente ( is Managing Partner of Gran Sasso Ventures LP. Tom has a proven track record of building value through leading start-ups, turnarounds and multi-Billion dollar global businesses involved in Software, Manufacturing, Technology, and Business Services. Prior to establishing Gran Sasso, Tom was EVP-Pacific Group/co-COO of SCI Systems Inc., President of AMP Incorporated Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Chairman of the Electrical/Electronics Group of diversified holding company B. Elliott PLC. Tom has also participated in nine technology startups. This included serving as Lead Investor and CEO of Compoze Software, which was sold to BEA Systems, now Oracle, and as Seed Investor and Chairman of FingerWorks, which was sold to Apple. Tom has also successfully managed four middle-market turnarounds. Mr. DiClemente began his career as an Engineer in the nuclear and developmental energy fields. He holds an engineering degree from Lehigh University and an MBA with Distinction from Wharton.

Brian Stephenson ( is Senior Consultant for Gran Sasso Ventures LP. Brian has worked in a wide variety of management roles for major electrical/electronic and networking corporations; including product development, product management, business development, strategic planning and marketing. He has led successful intrapreneurial efforts to expand into new product areas and new customer segments in both North America and Europe. Brian has industry experience in Mobile Devices, Computers, Communications, Networking, Consumer Goods, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid/Energy Management. He has formed and led teams in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, sales & marketing, manufacturing, technology development and product management. Brian holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bucknell University.


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